Tuesday, March 5, 2013

♣ St. Patricks Day ♣

 St. Patrick’s Day gives us a reason to wear green, eat fun things we have tinted green (not the things that have turned green!), and even get a special green cell phone case!  It may have been simpler when you were little and just pinned on a green ribbon so you didn’t get pinched but nowhere near as much fun.

Below you will find a few new Shamrock wallpapers to help you enjoy the new two weeks. 

Lucky you!
Thank you Wendy for the awesome screen shot of the
Shamrock Cupcake wallpapers 








Thank you Wendy for the screen shot above! Love the glassklart icons.
The 'Purcy' Weather inspired by Pattye's kitty is posted in the Weather widget section

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  1. Wow you've been busy !! Everything looks wonderful and thank you so much for creating an iPhone blog....sooo sweet of you !!!