Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Valentine

Valentine’s Day

Love doesn’t make the world go around but is sure makes the ride worthwhile.  Find some time on February 14th to do a little something special for the ones you love. Whether it be your spouse, your kids, your friends, or even your dog or cat we all love to be remembered with a little bit of extra thoughtfulness.

Dress up that cell phone with a new wallpaper, widget, and theme and go shopping for those yummy candy hearts. They aren’t as addictive as that damn candy corn but close…:)
Patek Philippe Theme and Sparkle iWidgets
New Theme! 

A while back Nena from NenaJ’sThemes made a gorgeous little unbundled black and gold theme "Elegance". I contacted her and asked if she would mind if I updated it to go with the new jailbreak which uses the bundle tweak from Cydia and add more icons etc . XOXO thank again Nina for the “absolutely go for it” response. The icons are now square… hmm wonder if that means something lol  
The new theme is Patek Philippe . It includes a dialer, boot screen and a loading screen too! I wanted a name to show the 'Elegance' of the original theme and to add a little bit of sparkle too. No, I don't have a Patek Philippe timepiece but you never know what the future holds :) 

New Sparkle iWidgets!
The iWidgets shown above are called Sparkle iWidgets. They have a pretty swoosh and hearts layer within the widget that is permanent but allows the weather icons sets can be changed. Yes, a new weather set in each one! Go the the widget section of this blog and I will give you directions on how to use them. I've made a pink, red and even a gold shiny element for each new widget 
Another new iWidget
I have something fun built into this widget, a default weather location of your choice that you can easily change without having to go thru ifile each time. You will find the directions on the widgets section of this blog. 



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