Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ready for April

Getting ready for April with a calendar for all your phones and computers.   

Wishing you all a happy Easter filled with baskets, chocolate bunnies, colorful shredded paper grass, plastic eggs filled with surprises, and the wonderful aroma of a honey glazed ham. 

Dress up your cellphone and let the fun begin.


Windows PC wallpaperMac wallpaper / iPad Mini    
iPad Mini has two versions posted on the iPad mini page

iPhone 6+


iPad Mini has two versions posted on the iPad mini page


Spring Grass Dock2 to be used with Classic Docks

Easter  Zeppelins 

 Easter Badges


  1. It says that the link has been removed for the pc wallpapers......

  2. Oops Mandy I must have forgotten to update that link! It works now! Enjoy

  3. How or where do I post the link bout the dock? Super cute

    1. Thank You! You must have a jailbroken iPhone to apply any tweaks. To use docks you need to install ClassicDock thru Cydia. Download dock and place where you have themes in ifile. In settings select the dock you want to use. Viola !