Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Earth Day Cactus

Nothing like a little cactus wallpaper to celebrate Earth Day. Don't forget to use those cloth grocery bags and leave the plastic ones at the store...Oh who am I kidding?? I only use the cloth ones because they are so much easier to carry your grocery's from the car!
The cactus blog idea was inspired from my new Sonix iPhone6 plus case and Earth Day seemed like a perfect time to share new wallpapers.  I will post a bit more this weekend with a picture of the case.

I made a new weather set too! The sun I used is a symbol that represents 4 directions and the repetition of life on earth. The moon is a Kokopelli which represents fertility with a sense of humor. Ahh we can all add to that now cant we :)

The Zia Teal Weather and Cactus Zeppelin with Friday Theme



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