Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BeWeather 2 Pro Weather

Let the fun begin!

Charge your iPhone, put some slippers on, get comfy on the couch and follow my tutorial on how to add my custom weather sets to your iPhone using the paid version of the BeWeather 2 Pro App available in Apple’s App Store. 

I will guide you step by step to add custom weather sets to brighten your holiday, special occasion, or just make you smile every day of the week while you check your weather. 
You can use a different set in your
widget section, the main page of the App, and
even on your Apple Watch.  You can save the links I have specifically made to work within this iPhone App in the Note section on your iPhone or get them here each time you want to make a change.

Do not sell these sets or reuse the images for other purposes. These are mine to share with you for your personal use.  I have made every weather set on this blog. You can find all the weather sets under the Weather Sets tab above. If you have your own BeWeather set you would like to use you can do that too. Just make sure they are Dropbox links...these are not 'codes'...they are links...and make them direct links to be able to paste into the Custom section of the App. Look at the difference. See the dl. that means direct link.

Take your time to follow the steps and have fun!

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