The following tutorials are written for 
iOS7 and higher
1.Signal reading - changing dots to decibels (dB) 
2. Setting your LED notification alert...
     I love this function! Flashes once per alert
3. How to set your Home and Lock screen wallpapers 
4. Oh no! I have how many Apps running?
      How to close your Apps

Signal reading - changing dots to decibels (dB)  
iPhone’s with iOS7 have little dots in the top left corner of the screen to displaying signal strength.  
How many dots do you have on your cell phone and what do they represent? The amount of dots will give a general idea of your chances on making a phone call.  With no industry standards set as to what each dot represents the variables are numerous. You are never quite sure of your exact signal strength or just how close you are to the next level.  

The signal reading in the images represents a low signal strength e.g. the lower the number…closer to zero…the stronger the signal.    -75 would be significantly better than -113 as depicted in the images.

I will show you how to change step by step to a more accurate method of measuring signal strength. We are going to use decibels (dB) to measure in units of power and intensity. 
If your don't like the more accurate method of measurement, just swipe or tap your finger across the db signal and you get your dots back!

Setting Your LED Notification

How to set your Home and Lock Screen Wallpapers

 This tutorial will show you how to use a wallpaper that you find on my website or any image you find on the internet. I also explain how to use an image that you receive thru iMessage after Step 6.

When using an image from iMessage or from any other source you first need to save it to your camera roll.  

   Oh no! I have how many Apps running?

You may be very surprised to find out just how many Apps are running even when you think you have either logged out of an App or closed the page. By following the steps below you will be actually closing the App. A great suggestion by Wendy is to every night when you charge your phone get into the habit of closing all of your Apps.