Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Tweak

There is a new Tweak I wanted to share with all the Jailbreak fans. It places a weather icon in your status bar for ios7 users! Thanks to Wendy for telling me about this fabulous tweak.
You can even use your custom weather sets after you resize them a bit smaller. I have posted a few of mine that I have resized.  

My favorite Zeppelin is pictured on all of the screen shots which you can find here tiffanydujoie  Thanks Tiffany :)  and  stylizedthemes for the original black and white one. 


Tweak directions

je t'aimeSBWW
Archimedes Sunshine SBWW

Aloha SBWW

Kawaii SBWW
*Special thanks to Iphonemizee for letting me resize the Kawaii weather for this cute tweak.  You can get the original Kawaii Weather on her blog Iphonemizee  just look under February.

A new pastel set of icons "Fridays"
This is just an icon set not an entire theme place in Themes in iFile.


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