Friday, December 5, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas is that wonderful time of year we hurry after work to decorate, wrap gifts and bake goodies like crazy people.
From the aroma of baking cookies, to the gingerbread house decorating and the beautiful Christmas tree with family and friends don’t forget to stop and see the magic in it all. 
Add a new wallpaper to your trusty phone and enjoy the season.


New bundled theme for iOS 8
not a large amount of icons 35 in all just enough for some Christmas fun :)
* new version with boot logo and a few surprises too!..and yes I goofed on the name :)

New Weather for the holidays 

Several new Zeppelins to share. They are posted under the Widget and Zeppelin tab

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  1. Loveee glad you add pink... And that weather omgggggg