Sunday, January 4, 2015

WildGirls NewYear

Its official the New Year has begun. Boxes upon boxes of decorations are stored for next Christmas. Pine needles are hopefully all vacuumed away with the icky yet trusty ShopVac.  The fake snow for the village has magically vanished, and the cookies…yes… are sadly gone.  Hello elliptical

I have joined forces with Sam from Instagram to remake my NewYears Theme to become WildGirls NewYears. No, we did not go to Vegas but still had lots of fun across many miles.  You have to appreciate technology to be able to do this.  

My free WildGirls NewYears theme I've posted below could not have been made with all the new improvements without the help from Sam. Thanks girl! She has made some adorable keyboards, Bite, Open Notifications, SMS backgrounds, etc that match my theme. Visit her on Instagram @samsjbaccount and you can make arrangements with her to receive the extra optional addons to compliment the theme below.

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